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REVIEW: Clare Vivier First Ever Sample Sale

REVIEW: Clare Vivier First Ever Sample Sale

***UPDATE: By the last day of the 2-day sale, pretty much all prices were slashed on the leftover items, which was hardly anything actually. Almost all the clutches had sold out yesterday and this morning, except for a couple of blue brocade style ones and the “damaged” black suede star clutches with the random monogrammed initials on them and those were still $31. There were some blue oversized clutches that were now $45. The Le Voyager bag was marked to $80. There was a table full of petit and grand duffles in cloth, denim and croc-embossed, now marked down to $125 and $150. The velvet mini pouches were now $20, wallets $50, coin purses $20 and all other tech accessories were marked down more as well.  However, there was such meager pickings by the last day. Those who went the first day definitely scored the better buys.  Note for future.***

The much-anticipated sample sale for Los Angeles-based leather goods brand, Clare Vivier, is FINALLY here! For those not in-the-know, Clare Vivier makes those cool-gal clutches in a motley of colors and super-soft leathers that are practically logo-less, save for their trademark little round golden charm on the zipper, and are carried by many a street-style star, blogger and editor come fashion week(s). We couldn’t call ourselves Handbag Honey and not shop the sale ourselves on the first day, now could we?

First off, we didn’t get there as early as we’d hoped because the sale is in Atwater/Silverlake area where the streets are kind of confusing. So we got there around 2:30PM today and the first thing we noticed was the long-a$$ line to pay. There were tables with piles of assorted clutches, messenger bags, totes, wallets, and various tech accessories. In the back, there was a shelf of duffle-style bags which seemed to be emptying out quickly. We also spotted a couple of what looked like plain, cut leather pieces (maybe they were scraps or blankets?) but those were snatched up quickly, whatever they were.

Clare Vivier sale in LA

Clare Vivier sale atmosphere

There were signs everywhere but to give you an idea of pricing: flat clutches $62 (reg price $145-$185), foldover clutches $68, large messengers $158 (reg $380), petit messengers $110 (reg $253), Moyen messengers $120 (reg $380), work tote $100 (reg $230), overnighter leather bag $168 (reg $485), canvas striped totes $120 (reg $293), canvas carry all $60 (reg $197), Le Voyager bag $100 (reg $345), Mini Sacs $73 (reg $195), large duffle leather $210 (reg $625), large duffle cloth $150, petit duffle leather $160 (reg $499), petit duffle cloth $130, wallets $25-$37, lap top cases $79-$91, iPad sleeves $48, iPhone sleeves $28; jewelry pouches $30. The best deal of the day would be the brocade-embossed leather clutches that were only $31 for the flat style (reg $195) and $34 for the foldover, both came in black, gray, red and blue.

Clare Vivier sale bags 1

Clare Vivier sale bags 2

Clare Vivier sale clutches

Clare Vivier more sale clutches

Clare Vivier sale clutch bags

Clare Vivier brocade leather clutches

Clare Viver assorted clutches

Clare Vivier work totes sale

Clare Vivier canvas totes sale

Clare Vivier mini sac bags sale

Clare Vivier sale leather bags

Clare Vivier grand leather duffle sale $210

Clare Vivier petit leather duffle bags sale

Clare Vivier grand leather duffle bags sale

Clare Vivier sale tech accessories

Clare Vivier assorted leather accessories sale

However, we have to note that pricing was a bit wonky. It looked like they were randomly slashing prices throughout the day. Also, there was a table of “damages” which consisted mostly of items with random initials on them. Not sure if these were real samples or display items, or maybe someone over-ordered a bunch of custom items and changed their mind? Either way, all damaged items (they have red stars stamped on the tags) are 50% off the sale price. Also, if you find a damaged item that doesn’t have a red star, you can ask one of the sales staff and they’ll mark it down for you.

Clare Vivier sale price list 1

Clare Vivier sale price list 2

Clare Vivier sale price list 3

There was definitely a lot of hoarding going on. We saw people in line holding anywhere from 5-10 bags each. Many styles have completely sold out and won’t be replenished for tomorrow’s sale. There was still a lot of clutches left, in many styles and colors. However, almost all of the black styles sold out. What we have pictured here was still available by the time we left. However, the leather duffles (large and petit) seemed to sell out while we were there, but there are still the check-canvas, denim and pony hair styles left and a few croc-stamped leather ones.

Sale ends tomorrow Sunday 12PM-5PM. If you’re a handbag hound like us, you should definitely check it out and go EARLY. Street parking only. Cash and credit accepted. 3249 Casitas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

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    thanks so much for this post! I plan to go to the sample sale this year & was googling for info. this was perfect

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