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REVIEW: BCBG Maxazria Warehouse Sale

REVIEW: BCBG Maxazria Warehouse Sale

Today we visited BCBG’s semi-annual 2-day warehouse sale (2761 Fruitland Ave, Vernon, CA 90058), a little east of downtown LA. These sales are legendary, offering discounts of 80% off or more and prices start at just $5. Also, there is a charitable component, where BCBG offers an extra 10% off your whole purchase if you donate something. For this sale they asked for 5 new, unused school supplies to be donated to the Communities in Schools Organization. So you can feel good about your shopping.

We’d gone to one of these sales before some years ago and so we were expecting long lines, lots o’ stock and low, low prices. However, we don’t ever recall the lines being THIS LONG! There was about a 4 to 5 hour wait. The first people in line had camped out since 1AM this morning. By the time we got there at 8AM on the dot, the line had already snaked around the corner. Also if you didn’t get there by 8, good luck finding parking. Most people took their chances parking in the surrounding private lots, hoping they wouldn’t get ticketed or towed. The crazy thing is, we didn’t know there was another line after the line. Once you make it inside the gate, there is ANOTHER rope-around line under a tent, similar to those you see at Disneyland, where it’s another 2 hour wait to get in.

BCBG warehouse sale price list

BCBG warehouse sale price list for bags

There are actually 3 parts to this sale, because you know, as you’re waiting for hours in line, the staff keep assuring you that the wait is totally worth it. There is the main sale tent where you’ll find dresses, separates, jackets, and bags from the BCBG and BCBG Generation lines, all priced from $5-$60.

The line after the line

The line after the line

Inside the main tent, it’s every woman for herself. There are just aisles and aisles of clothes. There was so much stock, we couldn’t make heads or tails of what was what. We saw lots of party dresses, career separates and even vintage BCBG pieces from like 20 years ago. As you exit the main tent, there are tables of assorted bags. However, once you enter the “handbag zone”, you cannot re-enter the main space where the clothes are. Also, the pay line was another 3 hour wait and it’s the only way out. If you’d prefer to shop the other 2 areas of the sale only and decide to exit, you must snake all the way around the pay line, which is basically booby-trapped with a bunch of lingering bodies with their huge bags of loot. We saw people exiting with 3, 4, 5, 6 stuffed bags!

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale 2

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale 3

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale 4

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale 5

Inside BCBG Warehouse sale 6

The two other areas of the sale, which are located outside, are the “$5 CASH ONLY “section and the Accessories tent. Because they’re located outside, it kind of resembles a swap meet. The $5 section is just random boxes filled with stuff. Most of it isn’t even BCBG or any of their lower lines. We saw clothes from labels like Manoukian or Lola. Ever heard of those?

The $5 cash only section

The $5 cash only sectionBCBG warehouse sale $5 section 2

BCBG warehouse sale $5 section 3

BCBG warehouse sale $5 section 4

The Accessories tent also offers a mostly random mix of accessories from other labels, not BCBG. There are some BCBG items to be found, like $10 for shoes and clutches, other random bags priced $20-$60, $5 for flip flops, sunglasses, hats, and hosiery, and men’s ties were 4 for $10. Otherwise, most of the stock is “no brand” stuff that you could find at any stall in Santee Alley, but for $1, that’s easy to forgive. One last thing, whatever you buy from the outside areas, you cannot bring inside to the main sale area. You can either leave it with someone while you shop inside or you have to take it to your car. Also, once you exit the gate, if you want to return and shop the main sale tent, you have line up AGAIN in the snake-around line for 2 hours to get in. So they suggest you shop INSIDE FIRST and then shop outside.

Inside the Accessories tent

Inside the Accessories tent

BCBG Warehouse sale Accessories tent 2

BCBG Warehouse sale Accessories tent 3

BCBG Warehouse sale Accessories tent 4

BCBG Warehouse Sale Accessories tent 5

The last day for the sale is tomorrow, 8AM-3PM. If you’re serious about shopping it, we STRONGLY suggest getting there no later than 6AM. A lot of the people who went today said they were planning on coming again early tomorrow. So expect to be circling for parking and waiting in long lines (including the bathroom line). Also, bring food and try to go with a friend, it will be a long day. Don’t forget your 5 new school supplies if you want another 10% off your total purchase, or if you’re just simply feeling charitable.

As for us, this is one experience we’d be very happy not to repeat again.

Total hours spent at the sale: 6.5

Total $$ spent at the sale: $0

Knowing we’ll never do this again: PRICELESS

Let us know if you shopped the sale in the comments below. – Handbag Honey

60 Responses to “REVIEW: BCBG Maxazria Warehouse Sale”

  1. Seda says:

    When will be the next 2017 BCBG warehouse sale in LA? How we can know about Sale?

  2. Tracy says:

    I wants to know the when is next sell for Bcbg;

  3. Nancy says:

    Pls tell me when you get the warehouse sale

  4. Dunia says:

    When is the next sale going to be on 2016!???

  5. Liana says:

    I love oll dress

  6. Thomas N. says:

    Do you know when the next BCBG warehouse sale in 2016? I would like to buy my wife for her birthday. Thanks in advance.

  7. Jenny bao ly says:

    Please let me know if you have bcbg ware house in LA.

  8. Jenny bao ly says:

    Please tell me if you have bcbg ware house in LA.

  9. Khristine says:

    Hi! When will be the next warehouse event take place? Will you please email me? Thank you!

  10. Jenny says:

    I would love to try this experience once. Please let me know when the coming sale is up. Thank you.

  11. Kim says:

    Please let me know when BCBG have warehouse sale again. Thank you

  12. Chi says:

    Hi. Can you let me know your next coming sample sale? Thank you!!!
    I Appreciate it!

  13. Gwen says:

    Thank you for the heads up. Please kindly keep let me know when the next sales will be. I love BCBG. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog?

    Much Appreciated!

  14. Verónica says:

    Hi. Can you let me know your next coming sample sale? Thank you.

  15. Connie wu says:

    Can you please let me know your next coming sample sale?

    Thank you, connie

  16. Connie Wu says:


    Can you please let me know when your going to have the next warehouse sale?

    Thank you, Connie

  17. rhonda says:

    i saw information about the bcbg sample sale on yelp for 2013 do you know when the next one will take place

  18. Daisy says:

    Want ti know the warehouse sale of bcbgmaxazria

  19. Gloria says:

    Hi! Thank you for your article! I am very interested, how do I sign up for the Sample sale list? Thanks!

  20. Stella says:

    When is the next bcbg warehouse sale in Vernon California for 2014?

  21. Lori says:

    Just curious why you didn’t buy anything. Was it just not your style or you didn’t think the prices were low enough? I’m contemplating going to the next sale on Nov 16th. I usually go to the wet seal/Arden B sale every season so I’m prepared for long lines and pushing/shoving. Just was more curious about whether the samples they carry at this particular sale are worth it? Thanks.

    • Handbag Honey says:

      Hi Lori. By the time we got into the sale, so much of it was picked over and it didn’t look very appealing i.e. nothing was runway or even stuff we’d seen in the stores, or it was just VERY old. As fans of the brand, we were also surprised to find that they were selling a lot of merchandise that wasn’t even BCBG or part of the BCBG family i.e. Herve or Max Azria and it looked like stuff you could find in downtown for even less. After spending literally hours in line, we were just really disappointed. Maybe if we had gotten there at 5AM, we would’ve maybe found something worthy. If you’re planning on going to the next one, we highly recommend getting there EARLY, like before the sun comes up early. Good luck!

  22. Federico Estrada says:

    Very good prices .

  23. Anonymous says:

    I would like to no when is the next big sale

    • Handbag Honey says:

      They usually have this sale twice a year so the next one should be coming around the holidays. We’ll keep you posted!

      • ajja says:

        its on sale now till nov 21 2014 …thurs from 8am -2pm and last day from 12-4pm …2761 fruiland ave vernon ca …goodluck hope you found something

      • ajja says:

        its on sale now till nov 21 2014 …thurs from 8am -2pm and last day from 12-4pm …2761 fruiland ave vernon ca …goodluck hope you found something

      • Handbag Honey says:

        Thanks for the tip! Good luck everyone!

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